May 15, 2022 5 min read

Let’s cut to the chase: are linen sheets worth it? Absolutely! With its incredible longevity, luxurious texture, and endless environmental advantages, sustainable linen bedding ticks every box. We’ll teach you what makes linen bedding so eco-friendly, why you should make the switch, and how to find the best sustainable linen sheets.

What Makes Sustainable Linen Bedding Actually Sustainable?

You’ve probably heard that linen sheets are a fantastic eco-friendly option, but what makes them so sustainable? .

Linen comes from the flax plant. That’s already a win! Plant-based fibers are always more environmentally-friendly than synthetics purely because they don’t contain harmful plastics. While human-made fabrics like polyester or nylon release dangerous microplastics that wreak havoc on the environment with every wash, plant-sourced textiles do not.

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But linen’s sustainability still shines above many other natural fabrics since flax is an incredibly eco-friendly crop. It requires minimal water, little to no chemical pesticides or fertilizers, and traps tons of CO2. Plus, these plants mature over 30% faster than cotton!

Best of all, flax plants have so many uses, which means the entire harvest finds a new purpose — not just the parts used for linen production. And though linen is a durable fiber, it’s fully compostable once it reaches the end of its lifespan, so long as the garment has no added synthetic fibers, toxic chemicals, or dyes).

Are Linen Sheets Worth It?

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There’s no need to ask, “Is linen bedding worth it?” because the answer is a resounding yes! Sustainable linen sheets are one of the best purchases you can make. There are endless reasons to love this flax-based fiber, from its easy maintenance to its breezy feel and everything in between. Here are a few reasons why we know you’ll never regret buying sustainable linen bedding.

Perfect Temperature Regulation

Heavier fabrics trap warm air, the opposite of what you want when searching for bedding for hot sleepers. Instead, opt for lightweight materials. A trick to determine a sheet’s weight is to notice the thread count (for cotton) or grams per square inch (GSM, for linen). The lower these numbers are, the lighter the textile.

Lengthy Life-Span

Although sustainable linen sheets aren’t as readily available as cotton or synthetic bedding, you only need to find one perfect set. Why? Because with proper care, linen can last for decades. Sure, it might be an investment up-front, but you’ll enjoy durability that makes you wonder why you ever wondered, “Are linen sheets worth it?”

Even Better With Age

Not only does linen last a long time, but it also gets better with time. Every ride in the washing machine further softens the fibers, meaning your sustainable linen bedding grows even more luxurious as it ages. It’s the ultimate incentive to wash your sheets!

Crinkly and Comforting

This fiber’s other claim to fame is its naturally wrinkled appearance. Though linen’s textured look may not suit everyone’s vibe, we embrace it! Sustainable linen bedding’s perfectly imperfect aesthetic adds comfort and character to a room. It’s the type of homey style that makes you want to curl up immediately just because you can.

Ultra Eco Friendly

Sleeping on sustainable linen sheets puts your mind at ease, knowing you’re doing the right thing for the planet. There’s no greenwashing here. Linen truly is an environmentally friendly textile! You help reduce water, chemical, and landfill use when you choose linen bedding options, making the Earth happier and healthier for generations to come.

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Tips for Buying Sustainable Linen Sheets

There are some green flags you should look out for any time you’re buying eco-friendly bedding. Following these tips helps ensure you’re truly finding the best sustainable linen sheets around.

Check for Certifications

Eco-friendly products can be tricky to navigate sometimes. Many companies make bold claims without the proof to back them up. So don’t take their word — look for some third-party credentials to support their sustainability. Oeko-Tex’s Standard 100 label is a stamp of approval to keep an eye out for. This logo certifies that your entire garment is free from dangerous levels of over 100 substances harmful to human health. That’s a pretty big deal when spending eight hours a night on your bedsheets! 

Look for Pre-Softened Options

Linen gets a bad reputation for starting off scratchy and stiff. It’s true that these fibers are a bit rough in the beginning, but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer for it. Pre-softened linen exists for a reason! Check out stonewashed linen sheets to indulge in supreme softness straight out of the package. No breaking-in needed.

Dive into the Ethics

It’s always a good idea to know who you’re buying from. Take the time to read a brand’s back story before you purchase. Sure, we know linen bedding is a fantastic choice but does the company align with your ethics? Learn who they are, what they stand for, and empower yourself to choose.

Search for a Guarantee

Sustainable linen sheets should last for a long time. So, a quality bedding company puts its money where its mouth is and stands behind its products. At Or and Zon, we know our linens will last for years to come, but we offer a 365-day guarantee on all of our products for your peace of mind.

Peek at the Production Process

While linen may naturally be 100% biodegradable, that’s only true if producers don’t add harsh dyes and chemicals. But, of course, most companies won’t air that dirty laundry. So instead, look for a brand that offers transparency in its manufacturing. Those who use sustainable practices will proudly share this information with you, so buyers beware if they don’t.

Best Sustainable Linen Bedding

If you think you don’t like linen bedding, you’ve never experienced the right ones. So stop the trial and error, and let us show you the best sustainable linen sheets around. And yes, they’re even better than your wildest dreams.

  • Or and Zon Stonewashed Linen Flat Sheets
  • After you feel Or and Zon’s flat sheets drape around you, you’ll never ask, “Are linen sheets worth it?” ever again. Experiencing this temperature-regulating garment’s impeccable balance of warmth and breathability will leave you hooked on stonewashed linen for life.

  • Or and Zon Stonewashed Linen Fitted Sheets
  • Say goodbye to scratchy linen bedding. Your skin is delicate and deserves better than tossing and turning on a rough fitted sheet. Our stonewashed linen eliminates that issue. Pre-softening our sustainable linen sheets creates the dreamiest combination of smooth textures, eco-friendly materials, and that indulgent fresh sheet feeling.

  • Or and Zon Stonewashed Linen Sheet Set
  • Spoiler alert: Or and Zon’s stonewashed linen sheets are like potato chips — you can’t just have one. So why wait to improve your sleep satisfaction and sustainability? Instead, choose our linen sheet set, which includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases to match!

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    Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Sustainable Linen Sheets & Bedding

    There’s no need to wonder, “Are linen sheets worth it?” because the answer is yes, hands down. Sustainable linen bedding is gentle on the environment, smooth to the touch, and perfect for you. But don’t take our word for it — try it out for yourself!