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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Organic Cotton Bedding Sets

Still have some questions about Or & Zon’s organic bedding sets? That’s why we’re here! We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about our sustainable bedding sets so you can easily choose your ideal bundle. Please contact us if you don’t see your FAQ below — we’d love to help.

All of Or & Zon’s organic bedding sets are woven using traditional methods by members of the Better Cotton Initiative: an organization dedicated to improving global cotton production. Each artisan-made piece is meticulously crafted by independent studios of hardworking creatives. When you buy from Or & Zon, you’re supporting these talented makers.

Toss your natural bedding sets in the washing machine, add a mild detergent, and turn on the gentle cycle. It’s that easy! No need to pull out the iron — your linens are ready to go. And best of all, they may even grow softer over time.

Organic cotton bedding sets are much easier on the environment than conventionally-grown versions. Our cotton bundles require minimal water, fertilizers, and other harsh chemicals, making production safer for workers — and you! Gentler growing methods also make for stronger, longer-lasting fabrics.

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