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Interior Design Magic 

We believe in the magic of and the mystery behind decorating “smartly”. Using “smart” pieces as embellishments for your couch, bed, benches, and chairs will tie the whole look of a room together, and for a very classy yet edgy demeanor. “Classy” and “edgy” seem like they’re opposites of one another. Yet they are the two words that can accurately portray what an Or&Zon throw pillow is really like. 

To relativize what we mean, our collection is made from decked up materials such as Couscous, Mudcloth, Sabra, and European Linen. They are absolutely gorgeous. So gorgeous, they’re conversation pieces. They truly are a sight to behold and nothing like the ordinary pillow covers you’ve seen here and there. 

These pieces are much-cherished because of their perfectly elegant but carefree, beauteous but not overbearing structural charisma. And with muted tones that can go well with most, if not all other hues on the color wheel, they are versatile as “versatile” can get. 

100% Hand-Made Through Beautiful Traditional Weaving 

Our fabrics are hand-woven, hand-printed, and hand-stenciled by master artisans who have an amazing command of these traditional crafts. It is the very reason why our pieces have a “natural” and novel feel to them. Something that lifeless machines cannot replicate. 

Their “imperfect”, non-machine-constructed patterns and weaves are what allow them to achieve an inherent non-conventional look, They’re perfect in that rustic and enticingly exclusive way. Even our loyal customers have told us so. 

To add, the materials themselves have a different level of durability. Harvested directly from the organic materials of the Earth, their blends of strength and tenacity are what enable them to hold out through the years. The elements that wear down weaker fabric will have little effect on that which are Or&Zon-made.

For Sitting Ease And Comfort 

Another magical characteristic of Or & Zon pillows is how they are able to provide you with ease as you sit on your favourite chair. Stressed and burnt out from work? Prop one of our textured cushions behind you for a feeling of soothing plushness as you continue with the rest of your day.

You also shouldn’t trouble yourself with pillows that rapidly lose their frame and thickness, given some time. We made sure that our textured throw pillows aren’t too tight, nor are they too loose, for that perfect amount of bounce after you lay on top of them. 

This is telling of how they can be useful for a lengthy duration. Whereas ordinary pillows lose their fluff once weight is applied to them, and then fail to retain their original shape, Or&Zon’s are the exception. Their full breadth and form can be preserved beyond average. 

And our textured throw pillows aren’t limited to sitting furniture. Set them on your bed as lovely bedding accessories, or use them as they are for a cushy and leisurely break. After all, one can never have too many throw pillows in the bedroom. More is merry indeed, with O&Zon’s textured cushions.

Textured Bedding

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