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Texture Equals Emotion and Personality 

Texture, emotion, and personality are attributes of fabrics. Many are not aware of this, but bedding-making savants and bedding accessorizing-aficionados are. Now, we hope to pass this knowledge on to you.

Our fabrics hold these hallmarks not in the way that you imagine drama portrayed in films, but in impacting how you react to their textures… as soft as babies’ sheets, as lavish as that of upscale hotels, as homey as that of your childhood’s beddings, etcetera. 

This is what the Or & Zon label is renowned for. Our bedding collection for your queen or king bed is more than another set of pieces of cloth to place on top of your bed and similar pieces of furniture. They can become a part of what your bedroom and what your home are---  gateways towards peace and rest for the body, for the mind, and for the soul. 

A bonus to this is how fabric personality positively affects the aura and the aesthetic of your bedroom. Interior decor that’s show-stopping? Or & Zon’s bedding accessories are all you’ll need. 

An Exquisite Feel 

The texture of our sheets offers a genuinely gentle and soft feel. Two factors that can further sweeten each night’s shut-eye. That’s a second reason why texture is vital in gourmet beddings. 

They don’t rub against your skin in warm weather. They don’t feel prickly in the cold. They brush against you in that mild and mellow manner, it will be like being sheathed under the cushiness of the most pleasant-to-the-touch sheets ever. 

Since natural fibers are what make up our fabrics, there’s nothing synthetic about them. Hence, nothing you have to worry about with regards to clumps of lint building up and roughening their surfaces. Nothing to worry about with fabric-thinning or fabric-weakening. 

Or & Zon’s textured sheet sets are cuddly when you first use them. And they get cuddlier as time goes along. 

Temperature-Adaptable For Any Weather 

A crucial detail about the function of our fitted sheets for your full queen or king bed is that they are excellent in regulating temperature. How? The answer is actually scientific. 

You see, our linens consist of flax plant fibers. Its unique composition allows it to command good airflow. But because it neither traps heat nor cold, its breathability is on-point. You won’t feel too get-out-of-the-blanket warm. You also won’t feel too more-downs-and-comforters cold. 

Alongside these, the thermoregulation found within our fabrics is materialized through their ability to evaporate moisture without haste. The same goes when you wash them. Flax plant fibers evaporate moisture more rapidly than ordinary synthetic filaments. 

If you want an all-season, all-temperature textured bed sheet you can rely on through the differing weathering changes of every year, these beddings are sure to stay on in your home’s bedding reserves from here and into the future.

Textured Bedding

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