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Cozy But Not Stuffy

“Warm” shouldn’t mean stuffy. Neither should “cozy” be defined like so. The opposite seems to be the case with most commercial quilts. They provide thickness, which is great against freezing temperatures. Yet along with said thickness is non-breathability. So, they’re good only for a short period within the year, when temperatures drop. 

As an alternative to such uncomfortable bedding products, Or&Zon developed a quilting standard. Material type is among the variables at the forefront of what we believe makes the perfect textured quilt. 

Our choice of fabric for our quilts is French linen because they are extremely versatile. They adapt to the different shifts in weather and climate. French linen is cool when it’s burning outside, and warm when the cold snaps and bites. 

Our quilts’ fabric construction, from flax plants into beddings, is arduous. We prefer it that way because that’s how we can confidently guarantee to offer Or & Zon textured quilts that are breathable and snug, hot or cold. 

Artistic  Interior Decor

Or & Zon’s team of experienced and master traditional weavers are adept in weaving sheets that illustrate uncomplicated sophistication. The quilting design of our collections is minimalistic yet in-vogue.

Your king-size, queen-size, or twin-sized bed can convey a clean and sharp appearance that mirrors a smart style. Our Earth-toned tradition quilt sheets exhibit rare neutral shades that will remind you of high-end embellishments and decor, with a chill and subtle vibe. 

Synchronously, they can passively serve as dainty and/or dapper room design. Without you needing to lift a finger to ornament your bedroom, these quilts’ color schemes are enough to diversify the atmosphere with carefree opulence. 

Or & Zon-branded bed coverings are themselves, works of art, hand-crafted by artists who are greatly inspired by a passion for their craft and for traditional weaving in Portugal. 

Wash Away Boredom And Discomfort With Stonewashed Beddings 

Over and above the artistry found in the patterns and weaves of these beddings, their stonewashed hues are noticeably bohemian. Then again, they can still complement any kind of bedding design or interior decor theme. 

They are unruffled in that you can spread them on your bed trouble-free. Let our quilts get jazzy and magical, with a splash of easy-going crumpled texture. 

As more washes enrich their colors and fabric finish, these beddings will work their way into the decades gracefully. They’ll look even better than they already do now. 

Presenting, Their Majesties… The King And Queen

The king and queen of Or & Zon’s quilt sizing chart, that is. We know how frustrating it can be---  spending hours picking out beddings with your favored patterned design only to later notice that they don’t match the measurements of your mattress. 

To eliminate this concern, we’ll remind you that Or & Zon textured quilts’ are available in king and queen sizes. Each one, able to fully cover the corresponding mattresses under the same size-category. 

Textured Bedding

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