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More Sleep, Less Maintenance 

Many types of duvets that have a good thread count have one drawback: they are challenging to maintain. Very challenging, to say the least. That is because they usually require special forms of washing and/or cleaning techniques and machines. Ones you wouldn’t find in a typical home but are available through businesses that offer such services. At a high cost, of course. 

Or&Zon’s textured duvet covers look amazing on their own! Leave them on your bed just like that, as their texture is what enables them to maintain their surface composition and aesthetic. 

After washing and drying these covers, you can immediately store them as-is for their upcoming scheduled use. Without constant iron presses needed, you can save your precious time, effort, and dare we say it, electricity.

The Elixir Of Life… For Bedsheets

The aspect we’ve mentioned about how our textured duvet covers don’t need “pressing”  adds to their tenacity, strength, and flexibility. Thus, they take much longer than ordinary beddings to age. 

By “age”, we mean the aspects of bedding-degradation from color-fading, lint-forming, and texture-coarsening. All of which is to be normally anticipated because of naturally occurring elements (i.e. dust, temperature, light) that wear down fabrics. 

However, our linens can endure and survive the pangs of time. Linen is considered among the strongest types of fabrics. This classification of fabrics is preferred specifically because it can preserve its color, grain, and finish well over a few decades. 

To second this, our stonewashed materials are just as differentiated from the rest since the method of stone-washing itself helps our fabrics only get better the longer you use them. Better quality as the fabrics mature. 

Besides, they become softer, too! With continued care in washing and storage, these stonewashed beddings will be even more tender into their years. 

Good For You, Good For The Earth 

Everything at Or & Zon, from our products, our materials, and our process is centered around sustainability. We know how important it is to pursue business operations in ways that will encourage not only our team but our customers to stay environment-focused. 

It is undeniable that our rationale behind deciding on materials with natural linen fibers and mills that are run traditionally is “quality”. But it is equally true that a part of this rationale has to do with being Earth-friendly.

We are humbled to announce that we carry an Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification. This certification is proof that our products have been tested and have been declared free of more than 100 substances that are considered to be hazardous to human health. 

Among the principal properties of the Or & Zon textured duvet-cover collection is that they are 100% made from natural resources, 100% safe for the environment, and 100% safe for you. 

Textured Bedding

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