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Traditional Weaving Distinctive Of Or & Zon 

At Or & Zon, we banner how our beddings and accessories are crafted with both exemplary skill and a true passion for the art of weaving. Our master weavers employ traditional weaving techniques that push the Or & Zon brand forward to let it stand out among the rest. 

Woven in vibrant Portugal, whose rich history emanates through its artistry and culture, our coverlet sets are imbued with row after row of interweaving that tell of time-honored patterns, whether simple or intricate. 

It is also this very factor that allows our coverlets to radiate quality. You will get to see stitchings that aren’t “impeccable” in that odd, too-boxed-in structure evident in commodities you can purchase by the bulk. Mass-produced with no personality is not the Or & Zon way. 

Instead, our beddings’ beautiful imperfections are components of what make-up our products’ personage and charisma. Rest assured that this has nothing to do with quality. A point we will tell you about below. 

International-caliber Quality 

International caliber. We can assure you that no, our claim isn’t a stretch. It is because aside from trusting only our team of professional maven weavers, we source out materials that are of superior quality. And we source them from fabric mills known for producing products with high-quality natural fibers. 

You won’t be getting designer quilts and coverlets that easily fray or snag after a mere few uses.  Or & Zon’s bedspreads, with our hand wash-care guidelines, can be maintained well. “Well” as in well enough, and into the long-term. They are meant to stay with you until time immemorial. 

They also do not fade abruptly due to natural elements. It’s true that extremely strong detergents are the enemy of any kind of fabric. Despite that, the materials of fabric, along with how they are processed (synthetically or not) are contributors to their transience. 

Light is another factor that may slowly deteriorate low-quality fabrics, even when they’re not directly left out under the sun. This means that coverlets, being that they’re left on their own to shroud your bed and its mattress, are vulnerable to said deterioration. 

That is if they aren’t Or&Zon branded. 

Alluring Fabric Tones And Shades 

The tones and shades of every our textured coverlet have been cautiously, though very creatively, hand-picked for versatility and tastefulness. They have a characteristic of “otherness” without being an eyesore against your bedding accessories. 

Thereby, you can take your pick from a variety of Earthy to neutral, bohemian to minimalist-chic, for a coverlet that has no equal. Never ordinary. But are just the right amount of “uncomplicated” yet polished from end to end. 

They’re grounded yet are “gourmet”. Easy to include with your other bedroom and bedding embellishments but exclusive in their graceful color schemes. That’s the Or & Zon palette made available to you through our coverlet sets.

Textured Bedding

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