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Organic And Earth-Safe 

There’s this hype and talk about keeping it real by utilizing only Earth-friendly materials in the home. Rightly so. It’s an initiative we’ve thrust ourselves towards, heart first. Or & Zon encourages and participates in the initiative to care for Mother Nature with our naturally sourced textured beddings. 

This means that we shun processes which involve the usage of harmful chemicals and toxins. And that our sheets are 100% organic

All the better, organic fabric has a natural Earthy look that screams spontaneous, everyday-voguish. A kind of unforced chicness that’s surprisingly very much down-to-earth. 

Thickness And Comfort In One 

If too-thick coverlets aren’t your game, then we’re certain that the Or & Zon textured comforter will be. They’re created with the right amount of thickness to bring you that snug-feel without causing you to sweat heavily, even if summer’s still a ways away. 

Concurrently, nobody wants to utilize a bedsheet that’s almost transparent and does nothing for the mattress underneath. Remember that besides the xl full queen king (you name it) mattress itself, the sheet on top of it is just as integral in allowing you a night of counting sheep. 

Superb Air Flow 

Don’t let the phrase “bedding thickness” cause you to think that our textured bedding set is heat-trapping. Because only the opposite can be said about this. Though every strand and fabric is held in place through tight weaves, our beddings will provide good airflow in between the sheets and your body. 

They have an absorbent yet easy-to-evaporate-moisture characteristic. Something that not many kinds of fabric can be lauded for. Feel free to lay on them for as long as you wish and you will be kept comfortably cool, day in and day out. 

Tough And Long-Lasting 

We, at Or & Zon, are known for our materials which can stand the test of time. We’re not interested in anything inferior to this description. That’s why our duvet covers bed types of varying sorts, with efficacy. They’re not wear-and-tear. And we absolutely intended to uphold this standard consistently. 

Our twin xl, queen, and king coverlet bedding can be used, washed, and reused all over again without aging as quickly as low-quality fabrics do. On that note, we recommend that you avoid using bleach and strong detergents when washing them. Also, spin cycles are a no-no. 

But with convenient hand-washing and drying, you’ll discover that cleaning, keeping, and preserving these comforter bedding sets is close to effortless. 

For Any Occasion, For All Seasons

Scouting for the right bedding set to match your preferred decorative pillow can be brow-furrowing arduous. A full queen, king, or twin sheet set with complex patterns is a design-disaster waiting in the wings. That is if you are unable to pair them with precisely the right type of cushions and bedding accessories. 

Plus, hunting for a bedding sheet set that’s too season-specific may prove to be an exorbitant buy when you’ll merely be seeing them for no more than a couple of days, or weeks, in a year.

Our all-occasion, all-season bed covers have a neutral tone to them. True, they each have our signature diverse patterns and styles. On the contrary, you won’t have trouble mixing and matching them with the rest of your bedding accessories at home.

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