Stonewashed Linen Bedding

Soft and Shrinkage Resistant

Our pre-washed linen bedding is not just marvelously soft and wonderful to sleep on, because being pre-washed means you also don’t have to worry about shrinkage and color fading. These linens are wonderfully saturated and only get better every time you wash them - not just in color, but also in softness. Being stonewashed, they have a homey, pre-loved effect that makes them look much more comfortable to sleep on. The appeal for this vintage washed linen bedding only grows when you consider the thermoregulatory properties of linen, which is derived from plant materials.

Made of Natural Fibers

Even the pickiest of sleepers will find themselves sleeping like a baby in this bedding, with the way it allows heat and air to pass through the sheets and between your body as you sleep, making the ideal environment for you to fall into a glorious, deep slumber. Their natural fibers make the bedding breathable, letting you sleep comfortably through the night, regardless of the weather. From the hottest summers to the chilliest winters, these linens are the best option for you to keep in your room.

Durable and Low Maintenance

Linen is also twice as strong and durable as regular cotton, making this linen bedding a much better option to add to your bedroom. With proper care, you can make them last for decades! Being pre-washed, they are also easy to care for - they can be washed at home, and can go without ironing to keep the natural crumpled and cozy effect of stonewashed linens.

Available in Multiple Colors

Our linen bedding is available in four different colors for you to add that touch of grace to your bedroom. These are more environmentally friendly than other cotton beddings available out there. They are hand-crafted in our oldest family-run mill in Portugal, and are an absolute guarantee for your comfort!