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Premium Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

Our modern flat sheets are made with 100% linen that is made from 100% French flax.  Furthermore, these beddings are crafted in Portugal by a factory that is the oldest family-owned and operated linen mill.

This gives you assurance of products that are made with the highest level of quality control and attention to detail.

Modern Sheets Providing High Level of Comfort

The process of stonewashing each piece of our modern flat sheets ensures that they are soft and supple. In addition to that, the sheets will get softer with every wash without losing their quality. When you sleep on these sheets, you get a level of comfort that makes you look forward to bedtime, making it easier for you to wake up fully rested at dawn.

Earth Tones With Aesthetic Appeal

Our fitted sheets come in earthy tones and hues that give your bedroom a touch of class. Furthermore, the neutrality of the colors ensures that your beddings do not clash with the décor of your bedroom.

What’s more, is that naturally rumpled makeup of the sheets adds that homey lived-in atmosphere to your bedroom. And best of all, the colors only get better with successive washing.

Adapts to Any Temperature

Due to the fact that our sheets are made with 100% linen, you are assured of a stable temperature throughout the night. Linen is notably the best material for sleepers who react to temperature change during the night. Here’s why…

Linen regulates the exchange of heat that goes on between the air and the skin of the sleeper to keep him/her comfortable throughout the night.  This is all thanks to the thermoregulatory and moisture-wicking properties of linen. Furthermore, the weave used in making the sheets also enhances the better circulation of air which makes the sheets more breathable. 

Hypoallergenic Modern Bed Sheets

Bearing in mind that there are people that are allergic to certain bedding materials, we ensure that our flat sheets are hypoallergenic. That is the reason why we use 100% linen that is organically sourced.  Linen material relieves stress and provides a temperature stable cocoon for the sleeper to have a good night’s rest.

In addition to the above, care is also taken to exclude all forms of toxic materials in the process of making our modern fitted sheets.


The process through which our linen beddings are made is eco-friendly. This is due to the fact that almost every part of the flax plant is used in making linen thereby lowering the footprint of the production process on the environment.


Our modern fitted sheets are durable thanks to the premium quality linen that is used in manufacturing them.  Linen has double the strength of cotton so you are assured of a material that would last for years. 

Available in Different Sizes and Colors

Our ultra-soft and comfortable fitted sheets or flat sheets come in sizes that are adequate for queen or king beds.  Additionally, you can get these sizes in 4 different colors.

Modern Bedding

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