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Modern Pillows From Premium Quality Materials

In keeping with the Or & Zon culture of excellence, our throw pillows are made with premium quality materials that are organically sourced. 

Our Zanafi pillows are made with a special blend of wool and cotton that produces a fabric that’s supple and soft. This material then delivers a delicate feel to the skin of the user while maintaining its top quality for years.

The Sabra pillow collection is made with cactus silk from the original cactus from the Sahara desert. Not only is the raw material for this collection organic, but the process of manufacture is also devoid of any toxic ingredient.

Similarly, our couscous collection is made with 100% wool using the couscous weave that is unique to Morocco.

And last, of all, our Bohemian linen collection is made with 100% linen that is sourced from Europe and processed without the addition of any allergy-inducing materials.

Authentic Craftsmanship

Every piece (in all these collections) is handwoven and crafted by expert artisans from the country of origin of the designs. So when we say that a collection is Moroccan, we mean that it is made in Morocco. Unlike other brands that make imitations of Moroccan designs. 

The same also goes for the throw pillows that are made in Mali or Portugal.

With any piece from any of our product lines, you are assured that they have the seal of authentic craftsmanship.  Furthermore, each piece is unique and you would see some “imperfections” in them. This goes to show you that they are individually handmade and not commercially mass-produced.

Solid Color Pillows that Don’t Clash With Décor

Our collections of modern pillows come in earth colors that can fit into any home décor. No matter the theme of your interior décor, our throw pillows will fit in perfectly; not only that, they’ll add a touch of class to your living space.

Additionally, our throw pillows can be used as décor accents to jazz up a drab living room.

Environmentally Safe and Friendly Bed Pillows Modern Throw Pillows

All our modern throw pillows are environmentally safe and friendly. This means that they are made with materials that are organically sourced.  Furthermore, these raw materials are processed with minimal footprints on the environment. And what’s more, is that these materials are biodegradable thereby helping to preserve our ecosystem. 

Modern Decorative Pillows With Best Durability

Due to the premium quality materials used in making our throw pillows and the expert craftsmanship, you’re assured of a product that would last for years (If you take proper care of these pillows as per instructions for care).

Modern Bedding

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