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Top Quality Materials

Our modern pillowcases are made with 100% linen manufactured from a pure flax plant.  Based on our culture of excellence, we insist on using linen that’s made with organically sourced raw material. Additionally, this raw material is processed without the inclusion of toxic ingredients.

Furthermore, in the process of manufacture, every part of the flax plant is used. This means that there is a minimal footprint left on our environment.

Authentic Craftsmanship

The linen used for our modern pillowcases is made in the oldest linen mill in Portugal by skilled and highly experienced artisans. This mill is still family-owned and operated to date. This gives you an assurance of the highest level of quality control.

Modern Earth Colors That Are Functional

Our modern pillow covers come in earth colors and with no frills.  These colors allow the pillowcases to fit into any décor and still add a touch of elegance to the room. They are functional in the sense that you do not have to alter the décor of your bedroom because of the pillow covers.


Linen is known worldwide for being the best material for people with sensitive skin or prone to allergic reactions. This, in addition to the fact that our linen material is authentic, makes our pillow covers highly hypoallergenic. You can safely buy and use these pillow covers for every member of your family.

Breathable and Temperature Adaptable

The thermoregulatory and moisture-wicking properties of linen combine to produce a fabric that is highly temperature adaptable or breathable. This means that the material has the ability to regulate the interaction of air between the user’s skin and the material. The breathability of the material means that the sleeper would be comfortable all night long.

Comfortable and Soft Modern Pillow Covers

The process of stonewashing our linen pillow covers ensures that they are soft and comfortable. In addition, a combination of the saturation of colors and the process of stonewashing ensures that our pillowcases get softer with each wash while still maintaining their colors.


Following from the above, our pillowcases last for a long time without losing quality; neither would the colors fade out. This is not only because of the process of stonewashing and the saturation of colors. The premium quality of material used for the pillowcases is also a contributing factor.  Linen is known to be twice as strong as cotton, so when you buy our linen pillowcases, you are assured of durability.

Standard Size

Our stonewashed linen pillow covers come as standard pillowcase sets which are adequate for queen-size and king-size beds.

Variety of Colors

Our modern pillow covers come in 4 different earth colors that would match or fit into any type of interior décor.

Care and Maintenance

Our stonewashed linen modern pillowcases just as our modern throw pillow covers can be washed on the gentle cycle of a washing machine. You can either choose to tumble-dry them or sun-dry the traditional way. 

Modern Bedding

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