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Soft and Cushy Modern Duvet Covers

Our duvet covers are ultra-soft and cushy; they give you the feeling of sleeping in the warm embrace of a loved one. The comfort of sleeping under or on these duvet covers will make you look forward to bedtime while making you wish the day would not break so soon.

The process of stonewashing the duvet cover also contributes to the softness of this bedding item. And the good news is that it gets softer with each wash without losing its quality or durability.

Simple Elegance

These duvet covers come in 4 different earth colors. These organic hues enable our modern duvet covers to fit into any bedroom décor. Not only that, the naturally rumpled texture gives your bedroom that ‘lived in’ and homey feel at all times.

The colors are solid yet simple and elegant and are saturated in such a way that they would not fade with constant washing.

Temperature Stable

Our modern duvet covers are made with 100% linen and linen is made from French flax plant.  The flax plant is widely acclaimed for its thermoregulatory and moisture- wicking properties.  This makes linen the best material for sensitive sleepers. 

The natural properties of linen and the design of the weave of our duvet covers make them breathable. This means that there would be proper air flow between the skin of the sleeper and the duvet cover. And this in turn would keep the temperature of the sleeper stable throughout the night no matter the temperature of the room.

Hypoallergenic Modern Duvet Cover Sets

Research has shown that linen is a great material for people with allergy issues and sensitive skin. Due to the natural properties of linen, contemporary beddings made of linen provide a healthy and comfortable microclimate for the sleeper.  That is why our modern duvet covers are great for sleepers who have allergies or sensitive skin.

The hypoallergenic nature of our duvet cover is further enhanced by the exclusion of toxic materials from the manufacturing process.  This isn’t us just bragging, each piece bears the stamp of OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification.


Our duvet covers are durable all thanks to the premium linen material that they are made with. Bear in mind, however, that the durability of these duvet covers is enhanced by proper care.


European Made

Our modern duvet covers are proudly made in Portugal in a linen mill that’s reported to be the oldest linen mill that’s family owned and operated. This gives you assurance of a high level of quality control.

Available in Different Sizes

If you are searching for a specific duvet cover size, we have a wide variety of sizes. These sizes include  king and queen. No matter the size of your bed, there is a duvet cover for you!

Modern Bedding

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