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Why Buy Or & Zon Modern Bedding Set?

At Or & Zon, we offer modern bed bundles that ensure that your nights are truly rejuvenating. Our modern bedding sets come loaded with features that give you great value for your money.  Some of these features include the following:

Modern Bedding Made of Premium Quality Materials

We use only the best quality of materials to bring you products that are embodiments of luxury and functionality. Our linens are made from 100% French flax woven in the oldest family mill in Portugal. The process of manufacture uses almost every part of the flax which minimizes environmental footprints and helps preserve our ecosystem. In addition to all the above, we also ensure that these raw materials meet the international industry standard.

Temperature Adaptable

Our Modern bedding sets are made for even the most finicky of sleepers. The linen material regulates the interaction of body heat between the sleeper and the sheets through the night to ensure a stable and comfortable temperature for the sleeper. The design of the beddings and the material used also deliver superior airflow which enhances its breathability.

So no matter the season or temperature of your room, you’ll remain comfortable all night long.


The premium quality of the materials with which our modern bedding bundles are made ensures that they last for years to come. Given that linen is a naturally strong and durable material, proper care would only help to enhance its durability.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Or & Zon’s modern bedding sets are designed in earth tones that make them able to blend into any bedroom décor. Additionally, the earth tones add a touch of class to your bedroom and best of all, they retain the same look even after multiple washing cycles.

What’s more, is that our modern comforter set removes the hassle of looking for matching bedding sets for your bedroom.

Extra Comfy

Our modern bedding sets are very comfortable and cushy.  You’ll experience no discomfort when you sleep on them. They are designed so that they get softer with every wash but this does not affect their quality in any way.


Our modern bedding sets (which include a duvet cover, two pillowcases, one flat sheet and one fitted sheet) are made of linen. Linen is universally acknowledged as safe for people with allergy issues and sensitive skins. 

Furthermore, they carry the OEKO-TEX label. 

This means that they’ve been tested for harmful substances by one of the world’s most trusted textile testing organizations to ensure that every material used in our bedding bundle is completely harmless to human health.

To this end, our bedding collections can be used for the whole family without fear of any allergic reactions.

Available In Different Sizes and Designs

Modern bedding sets come in different sizes and designs and each is specifically crafted to meet individual tastes and preferences.

So whether you have a king-size or queen-size bed, a deep mattress or regular size, there is a modern bed bundle for you at Or & Zon.

Finally, our customer care personnel are always on ground to answer your queries and help ensure that you enjoy a hassle-free shopping


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