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Luxury pillows, like the name implies, are a step above regular pillows and are sometimes referred to as designer pillows. One could say that they are an upgrade from the regular throw pillows that can be found in any home improvement store.

Regular decorative pillows are a dime a dozen and may seem like a great bargain at the point of purchase but in the long run, they aren’t. This is because they are usually made of cheap cover and fill materials that do not last long.

Why Invest In Or & Zon's Luxury Pillows?

Our luxury pillows come loaded with many features that ensure that the user gets good value for their money. Here’s a general overview of these features…

Authentic Craftsmanship

Irrespective of the design or make you pick, our luxury pillows are made by skilled craftsmen and women. Yes, you might find cheap imitations that mimic the patterns and designs elsewhere, but there’s nothing like the painstaking handwork of a skilled craftsman or woman -- Yes, with all the “imperfections” that separate handcrafts from machine mass-produced throw pillows.

If you see “Moroccan” in our description of a decorative pillow, you can count on the fact that it is truly from Morocco and NOT patterned after some Moroccan styles. The same applies to our Malian designs and everything you see on our site. Each comes with detailed authentic craftsmanship.

Luxury Pillows Made of Premium Materials

Think special blend of wool and cotton, hand-spun cotton threads, cactus silk produced using some of the most painstaking processes. That's the kind of materials our throw pillows are made of.

If you love the sound of 100% linen, 100% wool, or 100% cream cotton, then you'd fall in love with the luxury pillows at Or & Zon's. 

We don't go for cheap. We go for special!

Perfect Balance of Support and Comfort

The materials that are used to fill our luxury pillows are such that give the user a perfect balance of support and comfort. These materials ensure that the pillows sink below your head and neck with just the right amount of comfort. Additionally, the pillows don’t sag to the point of discomfort.

The overall ingenuity of the design in combination with the materials used deliver maximum breathability in every single luxury pillow produced. 

Aesthetically Appealing Luxury Accent Pillows

All our luxury pillows have the aesthetic appeal that qualifies them to be used as decorative pillows. Every Or & Zon designer pillow is embellished with intricate design and handwoven patterns that give it a unique touch and feel.

These bright designer pillows will perfectly suit any interior. After all, isn’t it more comfortable to sit on the sofa surrounded by soft luxury pillows. Besides comfort, they bring a special mood to the interior. When choosing any decorative cushions, mind the shape of the main furniture details. Within the same room, the colours of cushions can be different, for instance, on the sofa, they can match  the colours of the walls, and on the chairs, the curtains.

Adjustable Firmness

One unique feature of our luxury pillows is that they can be adjusted to whatever level of firmness that you desire. You can either add to the fill materials or remove from them to get your desired firmness. 


Our luxury pillows retain their shapes for as long as you have them. You are assured that these pillows will never get lumpy and as such won’t become uncomfortable to use. Note that our luxury pillows are recommended to be washed by hand to prolong their durability.

Luxury Bedding

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