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Style and Aesthetics

Our collection comprises a wide variety of stylish and luxurious flat sheets in rich colors, beautiful texture, and multiple sizes. That means we have got something for everyone, no matter the decor and theme of your bedroom. Our designers and artisans go the extra mile to embed the best design elements in these products. 


The deep aesthetics incorporated in the design are sure to make your bed stand out. The double-stitched edges give these sheets a nice, smooth, and blissful finishing. The soft and fine linen fibers and the dense thread count make the sheets look even more luxurious. The designs and aesthetic features offer a clean appearance to any bedroom. 

Comfort and Sleep Experience

Flat sheets are an irreplaceable component of any bedding. A luxury flat sheet from Or & Zon will give you a better sleep experience and comfort. Our luxury flat sheet is designed to adjust to the temperature. That means you will have the same quality of rest and sleep in every season. In winter, our linen sheets will keep you warm, whereas, in summer, they’ll keep you cool. On top of that, these luxury bed sheets will reflect your style preferences and taste of aesthetics.


The linen used to create this flat sheet set is super soft. The high thread count makes these products more durable than any flat sheet out there. The ultrafine linen and micro ventilated knits prevent sweating and straining. These features also allow you just to throw the sheet into a washing machine with cold water for quick cleaning. Or you could go for dry cleaning if you want to. That also means the linen will not break or weaken, but get softer with each use.

Good for the Environment and Your Health

Our luxurious bedding sheets are made of environment-friendly material. The absence of harsh chemical treatment of the fibers in these hypoallergenic and antimicrobial products means they are perfect for any skin type. 


Unlike the traditional synthetic materials that attract allergens, mites, dust, dirt, and mildew, the premium quality bedding sheets by Or & Zon will repel these contaminants. Besides, these luxurious flat sheets are breathable and safe for your health. A perfect solution for everyone, including individuals having skin sensitivities!

Color and Size Options

Our designer flat sheet collection is available in multiple rich colors. You’re free to choose a color that matches the interior of your bedroom, such as the bed itself, the wall paint, other bedding items, and even the floor and curtain. You can also rest assured that these color-fast products will not fade and will look as vibrant as new even after several years of use.


Many people struggle to find bed sheets that fit their bed size. We have solved this problem by creating luxury flat sheets of all types, patterns, and colors for most bed sizes.

Luxury Bedding

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