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Our highly skilled artisans have hand-woven these high-end designer duvet covers to give your favorite bed a clean cover. And at the same time, these luxury covers make it a breeze to add an elegant designer style to your bedroom. Or & Zon’s textured duvet cover and luxurious bedding will add a romantic and artistic ambience to your entire bedroom. You would not like to miss on such a nice touch of unique, artistic vibe to your room, would you?

Easy to Wash and Maintain

Made of 100% natural linen, these lightweight duvet covers are easy to wash and low-maintenance. We have designed and manufactured these products to last for many years without requiring much extra care. The color vibrancy of our machine washable designer duvet cover is long-lasting. No matter how many times you wash it, you’ll see no color fading or lint bubbles! The best part is that the more you wash it, the softer it will become. 

Comfort and Design

You can rest assured that our designer duvet covers will make your bed a warm and restful retreat. These luxury duvet covers are super soft and comfortable, besides being stylish. Get a set of these duvet covers to make your sleep painless and comfortable. On top of that, it will add an unmatched vibe and aesthetic appeal to your bedroom. 

We have manufactured these luxury duvet covers with a focus on aesthetics and style. But that doesn’t mean we have compromised fabrication, durability, and comfort. In fact, we ensure the highest quality and luxury standards are met from sourcing raw material and creating the fabrics to designing, manufacturing, and testing the duvet covers. 

The soft and nice detailing, beautiful and artistic patterns, rich colors, and double stitching of these heavy-duty designer duvet covers are sure to leave anyone awe-inspired. These features are consistent throughout all our bedding sets, including a duvet cover and sham cover. We guarantee that our luxury linen duvet covers will make any room look like a bedroom in a 5-star hotel. 


Or & Zon’s bedding collection, including duvet covers, comes in multiple color options. The rich thread count and a color that matches other items on your bed will give your bedroom an entirely different look. The color options are so fantastic and so many that you can easily pick one that matches your room decor and theme. 

In fact, we provide our customers with many color choices for our luxury linen duvet covers. These include Charcoal Grey, Sand, Navy Blue and light grey. The color options make it easy for our customers to find the perfect duvet covers. Match your favorite color with the stylish prints, warm plaids, and tidy patterns to change your bedroom into a place where you’ll want to spend most of your time. 

Size Options

Like the color choices, our luxury duvet cover is available in multiple sizes. Our collection includes high-end duvet covers for King and Queen size beds.

Luxury Bedding

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