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The Ideal Kind Of Coziness, Rain Or Shine 

Temperature regulation is a tricky undertaking. More so in the home. The very place that defines what cozy comfort is to you. For the bedroom, the same is true. And to make life easier for you in this regard, our designer quilts and coverlets are that cushy and toasty trimming your bed is in dire need of. 

Or & Zon quilts are organically able to regulate temperature once you swathe them over your body. Unlike most beddings, they don’t uncomfortably capture heat. When warmth is what you’re looking for in a coverlet and you get stifling heat, that’s a “no”. But not so, with Or & Zon’s. 

Linen is one of the major materials we utilize for our coverlets. They allow air to pass through while keeping a natural tepidness to stop the “chill” from sending shivers up your spine. This is because our linens are highly absorbent. Instead of keeping moisture and sweat in (which, by the way, heightens unease during sleep), these fabrics can evaporate them away. 

Trustworthy Endurance 

“Resilience” isn’t a word typically used to depict a bedding quilt or coverlet. Yet here we are, proving that there is durability in patterned quilts. This, as long as bedding-makers know how the secret ingredient to long-lasting bedding fabrics should be wielded. 

We’ve discovered it and are sharing it with you. Quality linen, unsullied with other lower-class materials, can withstand wear and tear. It doesn’t easily become rundown with constant and long-term use. 

While hand-washing is advisable, as it is expedient for most non-commercialized bedding commodities. You can unwind on top of, and beneath an Or & Zon luxury quilt all you want while still maintaining its structural integrity longer than you can imagine. Make the comparison yourself and find our words true to the core. 

Traditional Weaving Chiefly for You 

There is no beauty in manufacturing processes that have lost the vision of “creation” through the work of skilled and creative artisans. Or & Zon works only with those manufacturers who are knowledgeable, experienced, and altogether talented in weaving bedding quilts. 

Portugal-weaved and directly transferred to our storehouses, and soon, your very hands, you will receive our coverlets directly from the makers themselves. Every fiber and weave is produced from a family-run-and-operated linen mill. We can and will vouch for the authenticity of our non-conventional products. 

Pure and untarnished for a traditional piece that is ironically versatile even in our modern era. That’s our motto. “Traditional” doesn’t have to be passé. It should never be. And we, at Or & Zon, have found that delicate balance between the old and the new for a fusion of time within a timeless bedding coverlet quilt. 

Designer Bedding Sets

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