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Novel Pillow Fabrics Unique to Or & Zon, and You 

Pillows, in themselves, are run-of-the-mill. They are in every bedding store you visit face to face or online. However, they transform into something special, magical even, when draped in designer fabrics. 

When it comes to all things bed and living room accessorizing, we at Or&Zon understand what luxury is all about. Our definition of it is a combination of opulence plus practicality and uncomplicated distinctiveness. 

One way to bring out the beauty of the interior of your home is by choosing our unique designer pillows. Our bohemian-inspired prints and weaves are attractive pieces that can readily harmonize with different home decorations, room designs or themes. 

Designer Throw Pillows Made of Fabrics from Across the Globe

We’ve specifically chosen countries whose traditions revolving around the art of weaving span centuries and endure to this day. From the Sahara Desert to Morocco, our weavers incorporate weaving techniques meant to bring culture-inspired patterns that are unrivaled. They are not your average cushions. Not in the least. 

You can choose from an array of woven designs, from block-color parallels, the intricate crisscrossing of lines, simple and graceful cyclical patterns from end to end, and so much more. 

You are going to adore our pillow covers because of how their hues are soothing to the eyes in that subdued yet show-stopping play of shades and tones. Shades and tones which speak of effortless lavishness encased in nature’s organic fabrics, from the shores of Africa and beyond. 

Handcrafted Through Masterful and Mindful Weaving 

Whenever people ask about Or & Zon’s signature emblem, besides design, our craftsmanship is another worth noting. The team of professional hand-weavers that we work with is mavens in the realm of traditional techniques. The latter, their origins from well-preserved weaving practices stemmed from culture and passion, passed on from generation to generation. And now, to you. 

This is why we can warrant that our designer pillows for sofa cushions have strong weaves from one end to the next. Precision is key to perfecting hand-weaving. Every inch of our covers has been precisely and thoroughly made, as they are precisely and thoroughly inspected for genuine weaving quality. 

In contrast, our hand-spun and woven pillows will have markings of hand-craftsmanship. No artificial, overtly tight interweaving and stencils that contain odd-perfections which tell of commercial manufacturing. 

100% Sustainable Designer Pillows 

Or&Zon uses only natural materials. Such materials shine forth characteristics that set them apart from their synthetic counterparts. Characteristics of caliber, stability, and vitality that only the Earth itself can offer, and no machine can duplicate. 

Likewise, our processes are Earth-friendly, too. Our entire working procedure, starting with material-sourcing, hand-weaving, all the way to packing the finished products to send them over to you--- we make sure that every step does not harm the environment.

Designer Bedding Sets

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