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“Woke Up Like This” Modish

Simplistic elegance is miles different from plain and ordinary. As for the first, you can rest assured that our designer bedding selections are created with our vision of them towards what is universally in-vogue. In the broad sphere of beddings, of course. 

We intentionally, and very meticulously, chose designs that are immediate eye-catchers. But not so much that they almost seem as though they are too loud. No. Just as your taste in personal style is on-point and piquant, so have we made it our aim to reflect these on our coverlets. 

They have a “look” that transcends what is banal and blah. Two words that the beddings industry, what with an obsession towards shocking mass production, no longer upholds. Average prints that you’ve seen a hundred times on some shelf somewhere?  Not with Or & Zon.

If a distinct flavor is what you are after, you will discover that the Or & Zon duvet cover catalog is sophisticated, yet effortlessly tasteful.

Tender-For-Your-Soul Fabric 

We believe that the overall make of fabric should not only speak to your skin. It should speak to your soul, too. That’s what your bed and beddings are for. They aren’t merely for sleeping in. They are for delving into the solace of relaxation. 

Your body needs to sleep to recharge itself for the pound after pound of workloads you have daily. Beyond this, quality sleep is your mind’s way of dealing with anxiety and stress. Both of which you can battle as you slumber throughout the right amount of hours each night, wrapped in an Or & Zon designer bedding. 

Has peaceful sleeping been tough to come by as of late, what with looming deadlines, meetings, and unfinished chores waiting in the wings? You can stop with the complicated rituals and the tossing and turning, with our luxury duvet covers. Slumber will be so much easier to come by at bedtime. Or any time, for that matter. 

Breathable and Warm Designer Duvet Covers

“Linens”. Our benchmark for materials used in making duvet covers. Linen duvets contain natural fibres that allow good airflow. Air can easily circulate in between their thread-work without leaving you too chilly for comfort. 

This means you can fall asleep without the weary heaviness of summer heat clinging onto your head down to your toes. And this means that you can catch those Zs in the cold while remaining comfortably enveloped in lush and warm fabric. 

Weighty blankets can be irritating. A word you wouldn’t want to be associated with your place of rest in your abode. The cold doesn’t have to necessitate bulky and hefty downs and linens you can hardly move about in. Enough with quadrupling up on blankets that, as a result, end up trapping heat until you just want to step out of them altogether.

The solution? Or & Zon’s designer duvet covers for that breathable sheet of soothing relief, regardless of the weather hovering around your place.

**Watch out for our organic percale and organic sateen duvets which we will roll out in the next few months!

Designer Bedding Sets

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