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An Extra Layer Of Luxury Designer Bedding Protection

One of the most practical and sensible uses of duvet covers is for overlaying your mattress with a sheet. This is, shall we say, the function of said bedding adornments. Resting on a bare mattress, no matter how well-made it is, will not lead to a peaceful evening of sleep. 

This is exactly why we, at Or & Zon, decided to create a new line of beddings. We have learned that the world needs duvets which are more than sheets wrapped around bedding foam. We have learned that quality duvets are what the world needs to help hardworking people such as you to receive those 7 to 9 hours of bodily time-off of rest and recovery. Only then can you wake up rejuvenated and ready for another day of a work-crusade.

A duvet cover is that missing detail many tend to be less mindful of. Though the opposite is what should be so. It is that additional essential you need, to complete your bedding preparations and flourishings for nights of some good ol’ Zs. 

Beautiful. Just Beautiful Designer Bedding

We have no words to define the physical impression of our luxury bedding sets. The cause for why we’d like to spur you on to see them with your own eyes. We have gone and returned from far and wide so as to attend to the very aesthetic of each piece that we have in our collection. 

Inspired by the creativity of weaving artisans from across the shores and waters of our planet’s regions, each one of our designer beddings has that savory upbeat tone, whether in tincture or in general appearance. 

Subtle but unquestionably not boring. Simplistic but piquant in their modestness. Inconspicuous but absolutely stunning, whether by themselves or paired with your other bedding blankets and pillows. 

Tempered For A Multifaceted Layer Of Temperature Regulation 

Many have said that it is ambitious to hunt for designer bedding sets that have the capacity to coalesce with the temperature they’re in. Thus, we’ve done the same ambitious task of hunting for materials which, when put together, can perform exactly that--- regulate temperature. 

There are certain types of low-quality fabric that absorb heat and let it linger within their threading. During your first few minutes of laying down on them, this feature may seem purposeful. You feel warm all of a sudden. Useful, when the cold is out and about. 

However, as this heat-trapping cycle continues, its effect doubles, and even triples. When your bedding is too warm for comfort, you will end up wanting to move to the other side of the bed you haven’t slept on. The cooler side. And again, the same heat-trapping process will happen within its threadwork, given some time. 

You won’t have to purchase faux fur for that soft yet non-heat-trapping layer to prop your body on. The Or & Zon luxury designer bedding sets can adapt to the temperature they’re in. Our organic materials are what permit constant airflow. Though our bedding sets can keep you snug, they won’t confine heat around your body. 

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