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Tones and Textures

Or & Zon’s boho flat sheets collection is not limited to vibrant colors and patterns but also includes neutral tones and textures. These flat sheets' construction and style are grounded in the philosophy of the bohemian lifestyle, which is focused on living a stress-free, relaxed life. The comfiness and aesthetics of these sheets will push you to embrace yourself, de-stress your mind and body, and reconnect with the world around you. We have designed these sheets to make your bedroom look less empty and more lived-in. As such, you’re sure to feel more content with your bedroom’s decoration. These bohemian sheets exemplify our workers’ expertise in textile outfitting and tiering sustainable materials to achieve soft tones and natural texture. The outcomes: sheets that are not only cozy but also stylish with inarguable warmth, vitality, and hominess. Combine these sheets with other matching items like a comforter set and duvet cover, and your bedroom will beautifully capture the boho aesthetics.  

Design and Patterns

The bed takes center stage in any bedroom, regardless of your bedroom design. Whether you’re going for contemporary minimalism or prefer to have more items around, it is the bed that captures attention first. As such, the way you decorate your bed - from the furniture itself to the bedding set -will add personality to the bedroom.

While a simple colored linen sheet with a bright duvet will be a good addition to your bed, boho sheets in different colors and patterns will add the popular bohemian vibe to your bedroom. YIt is also a good idea to choose bohemian flat sheets with a matching or contrasting duvet cover. You can rest assured that with the right boho flat sheet set, your room will upgrade from the cold atmosphere of the contemporary designs to get a much warmer, comfortable, and pleasant ambiance.

Our linen bohemian flat sheets are low-maintenance and easy to arrange on a bohemian bed. The sustainable and environment-friendly fabric gives them a slightly crinkled, lived-in look to achieve the boho effect in its entirety and make your bed much more inviting.

Comfortable and Restful

A good flat sheet is one that doesn’t compromise on style and comfort. After all, your bed has to be comfy, but it should also be attractive enough to make the room look bright. Our bohemian flat sheets are made to provide you with your deserved comfort after a long, tiring day, without sacrificing style and aesthetic features.

Sheet Sizes

Our bed sheet set is available for almost all bed sizes, including full queen and king size bed.

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